Introduction or Something Like That

My name is Aaron Victor Sandeen (AVSand). My current title is co-founder of Zuggand. I’ve been a trainer, project / program manager, marketing director, system engineer, developer and even the CIO for the State of Arizona.

I’ve been married to my wonderful, brilliant wife, Sonja, for over 20 amazing years. I’m a father of three curious and persistent children: Kael, Talia and Zavii.

In all of these things and in everything that I do in life, I seek to see how things can be better. That doesn’t mean that I think everything is bad. In fact, completely the opposite. I seek to find beauty! I cherish imperfections! I laud the strange and weird! But I am absolutely passionate about how everything can be a Little More Awesome (LMA)!

For the past ten years I’ve worked on some very intense projects and accomplished some pretty amazing feats. I’m starting a very different phase of my life now. I’ve abandoned the steady pay check (never had a 9-5) to strike out with a couple of my best friends and startup our our venture.

Why did I do it? I love doing cool things and solving big problems. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Frankly I want to prove to myself that I can (with my friends) start something completely from scratch and make it wildly successful!

Why did I do it now? Well, I’m not getting any younger and felt like the timing was right. But more importantly I did it now because there has never been a better time to do it. There are so many opportunities happening all around all of us. Things are changing so fast. Technology is making so many more things possible.

I’m doing it now because I’m passionate about making things a Little More Awesome!