3 Tools to Help You Go For It!

Go For It

3 Tools to Help You Go For It! Why do we feel that there has to be the right answer before we move forward? Maybe it was our schooling or how we were raised. Are you 60% sure? Do you have an 80% confidence level? Do you feel like you have […]

Who am I?

Reinvent yourself. Constantly ask yourself ‘who am I?’

Reading Update January 2016

Reading Update January 2016

One of my personal projects for the year is to read (listen to – I’m an Audible.com freak) 24 business books.  Please check out my Reading board on Pinterest for other books I love. January was a good month for reading.  I cranked out 4 books.  This is all part […]

Critical Lesson: Hit the Wall!

One of the most critical lessons I learned as a kid was from the swim team.  The first time that I ever raced the 50 meter butterfly was a very interesting experience for me.  The butterfly or fly (for short) is probably the most grueling stroke to race in swimming […]

Create Urgency!!!

  Think back to different times when you had a sense of urgency?  What drove it?  What made you work faster, stay up late, get things done, make sure you were doing the important things first?  Below are three core factors to create an insane sense of urgency. First factor: […]

Want to Grow? Read!

There are a bajillion (yes its a word) quotes out there that will tell you that you have to control your mind or yourself to be truly successful.  From Buddha to Dr. Seuss, they will all tell you that the key to the Life, the Universe and Everything (thank you […]

Mini Keyboard

Santa was very good to me this Christmas!  One of the many wonderful things he gave me was the Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard / Mouse.  Santa may have brought mine to me but you can pick yours up from Amazon. This is going to go perfect with my Raspberry Pi […]

Pick a Direction

Pick a Direction!

What if you always headed in one direction? What if your entire organization did this?  Where would you be in one year?  Five years?  What if every time you went to make a decision you check it to make sure that it helped move closer to that single point? Strategic planning […]

2016 Projects: Raspberry Pi, Python, Kettlebells and Audible

2016 Goals

Time to ring in the new year! And what goes better with the new year than new projects. This year I have a couple new projects in mind. Raspberry Pi Star Wars lunchbox mod, learn some basic Python, do 300 kettlebell swings in a day (and walk the next day), […]